Measurement Unit Permeation Film (Steel) Mecadi

Measurement Unit Permeation Film (Steel) MecadiCharacteristics:

Available ISO/ ASTM /DIn conform or according customer specification. For liquids and gases. Material selection dependent from media and applied conditions. Sealings, fittings as as accessories or complete system available.


Measurement cells made of steel take up flat samples like foils, films or plates. Other geometries (tubes, connections,O-Rings..)on request. They are used when media under high pressure and/or temperature are present.

The Measurement Unit (Steel) is a product of the Mecadi GmbH, Made in Germany.


Mecadis steel permeation measurement cell consists in principle of two half cells. The specimen is mounted inside the cell. One side is contacted with the test media. Permeation media is detected on the secondary side.

Technical Data:
Available are cells constructed for high flows (membranes) or cells especially designed for barrier materials. Cells are designed and manufactured customer specific. Please define your needs like sample diameter and operation conditions.

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Dr. Andreas Konrad

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