Permeation Measurement

Permeation measurement as an analytical task means to measure over about twelve orders of magnitude. Through porous fuel cell materials water vapour permeates near 100°C with about 100.000 gramms per m² area and day, coming close to the transport in pure air. In the case of ultra barrier materials, which are used to protect organic solar cells, permeation of water is in the range of a millionth of a gramm per m² and day. Mecadi supports its customers to select or develop the right method for their development or testing task. Besides customer specific testing equipment, Mecadi also assists its customer in the preparation or sourcing of test specimen. In Mecadi’s laboratory, film samples with or without support layer for permeation measurements can be produced from solutions or reactive systems. We work with heat or UV curing methods for materials like varnish or glues. Along with permeation measurements Mecadi also provides aging studies of test samples (temperature or media storage). Please contact us with your specification. You can choose from the following Measurements: Water Vapor Permeability Oxygen Permeability Hydrogen Permeability Methane Permeability Liquid-/ vapor permeability other Gas permeability other Test sample manufacture Others

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Dr. Andreas Konrad
Dr. Andreas Konrad

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