What about permeation?

Permeation is the transport of a substance through a solid body (lat.: permeare = to perambulate, to go through, to pass).

The permeation rate describing the amount of permeating substance is determined by a permeation measurement. Leakage is permeation through leaks or defects, permeation however is also possible through defect free materials over molecular mechanism. Permeation through nonporous material materials is described by solution-diffusion mechanism or crystal defect conduction.

Permeation as material property impacts about live time and efficiency of common items. In functional clothing, highly permeable membranes let us not sweat excessively. A car fuel tank is designed to be as tight as possible to prevent fuel emission. Oxygen permeation makes beer to loose its aroma, but causes a part of the specific flavour of old red wine.

Mecadi supports customers of various industries to analyse such effects and to enlarge lifetime and efficiency of your products.

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Dr. Andreas Konrad
Dr. Andreas Konrad

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