Polyisobutylene (butyl rubber)

Polyisobutylene (butyl rubber)Descpription:

Polyisobutylene is obtained by cationic polymerisation of isobutene with boric trifluoride as cataylitic agent at temperatures below -50°C in form of either viscous oils, adhesive and ductile compounds or rubber-like proucts (depending on the molecular weight). This material is highly inflammable, souluble in nonpolar organic solvents but insoluble in polar solvents and also very resistant to acids, bases, oils, ozone and weathering.


Low-molecular types of polyisobutylene:

  • waterproof coatings
  • adhesive agents
  • diluents

High-molecular types of polyisobutylene:

  • anticorrosive coatings and linings
  • cable sheaths
  • buliding conservation


Polyisobutylene (butyl rubber)

Elastomer, Thermoset

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