Butadiene-Rubber (BR)

Butadiene-Rubber (BR)Description:

This plastic the monomers of which are existant in form of a colorless, specificly and intesivly smelling gas is hardly soluble in water but well soluble in most organic solvents.

Polybutadiene does not exist freely in nature. Because of its reactivity it can polymerize into rubber products and has a tendency towards copolimerization involving other types of unsaturated monomers. The production of polybutadiene is based on petrochemical processes. Polybutadiene-rubber is mostly applied when blended with other types of rubber, such as NR or SBR. It features high elasticity, high low-temperature-flexibility and an excellent abrasion resistance.


  • tire industry (90% of the production)
  • used to increase shock-resistance of thermoplastics
  • production of vibration-proof attachments
  • solid rubber tires
  • v-belts
  • caterpillar pads
  • deflectors
  • sports utilities
  • important source material for useful synthetic chemicals, e.g.
    • chloroprene
    • adipic acid dinitrile
    • 1,4-butanediol
    • cyclopolyenes
    • sulfolane
  • other specialized products (fishing lines, ropes, nets, bristles)


Butadiene-Rubber (BR)

Elastomer, Thermoset

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