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Permission to use the information on the Mecadi sites.

The use of published information is allowed with the reservation that complete copies are provided through the copyright. The commercial, and not personal, use of the Mecadi sites is not allowed without Mecadi’s explicit written permission. All the information should only be used in its original format and should not be changed and graphics should only be used with the accompanying text.

International users

The Mecadi sites are also intended for international use. Mecadi GmbH does not accept any responsibility that the information available worldwide on the Mecadi websites is correct. This refers in particular to the fact that the products and services are probably not available in the same format, size or under the same conditions worldwide. If a Mecadi site is called up or downloaded, the user alone is responsible for the website being compatible with the local laws in force in the place of residence. Mecadi GmbH’s products may have different letterings or codes in different countries.

Trademarks and copyrights


Mecadi GmbH cannot guarantee that all of the trademarks used on these sites are marked. It also cannot be guaranteed that the names used are not distinguishable by a third party. If the customer, as the owner of a protected product, would like this shown, please contact us and we will make the change as soon as possible.


The Mecadi sites provide general information about Mecadi GmbH and its products. All of the information, texts, pictures, graphics and the layout as well as the graphic formation of these pages are subject to copyrights. This is valid from the time of publication and extends until the eventual long-term saving of the data by search engines.

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